3 Side Seal Flat Pouch

3 Side Seal Flat Pouch 2017-09-07T14:39:56+00:00

Project Description


A basic pouch with 3 Sides Sealed leaving one side for product filling and final sealing.

Can be used for wide range of products and with the correct material is suitable for vacuum packing too.

Optional features such as easy open tear nicks, reclosable zippers and hangsell features can be added.

Linear Tear Laser scoring.



Confectionary – (Candy, Chocolates, Fruit Chews, Dried Fruit)

Meat – (Smoked Salmon, Beef Jerky, Sausages, Chicken Fillets)

Pet Food – (Pet Treats)

Skin Care – (Face Mask, Cosmetic Samples, Medical Test Kit)

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