Stand Up Pouch

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Project Description


A self-standing pouch which offers great product shelf display.

Has optional of reclose zipper, Tear Notch and Hangsell.

Can come in Doyen or Flat Bottom K’Seal format.

Linear Tear Laser scoring.

Can add Spouts or Valves.



Snack Food – (Confectionary, Nuts, Dried Fruits)

Beverage (Fruit Juice, Alcoholic Drinks)

Dry Ingredients – (Whey Protein, Salt, Sugar, Cereals)

Liquid – (Soups, Table Sauces, Detergent Refill)

Frozen Products – (Frozen Shellfish, Frozen Fish Fillets)

Pet Food – (Dog Chew, Dog Biscuits, Cat Litter, Fish Food)

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