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One of the most important rooms in the factory. Fully equipped with state of the art equipment. Providing an accurate analysis of products throughout the production chain. Analyzing supplier material, work in progress and the final product so that we can issue the Certificate Of Analysis to guarantee the product quality to our customers.

Offline CCD Auto-Inspection Machine

  • Checks for Print defects after printing
  • Checks for Smears, Spots, Streaking.
  • Not used for inspecting Colour Consistency

Gas Chromatography Analyzer

  • Analyses the retained solvent in the Final Product.
  • One of the important Critical Points in Flexible Packaging
  • Excess solvent can taint the packed product.

Oxygen & Moisture Transmission Analyzer

  • Analyze material Oxygen Barrier
  • Analyze material Moisture Barrier.
  • Provides essential information which can be used to improve product shelf life

Retort Chamber

  • Simulate Retort Conditions
  • Analyze Retort pouch & material performance
  • Used for online testing during pouch conversion to ensure final product meets required specification

Universal Testing Machine

  • Used to test the sealing strength and bonding strength of materials.
  • Used to determine the strength of pouch seals, so seals do not fail during use.
  • Used to verify bonding strength of materials, low readings can indicate potential material delamination
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